FundShopping - One Big Party


You can have all the school’s teachers and parents join using the school’s Invitation Link. Each person who joins Rebates with Friends will receive their own Invitation Link and they then can invite friends and family using the school's Invitation Link or their own. Everyone who joins using any of the links of anyone in the school's Cash Back Party becomes a member of the school's party. The school earns a Commission on every purchase made by every member of their Cash Back Party. (And, of course, everyone makes Cash Back on their own purchases to help motivate them to help your school.) As the school's Cash Back Party grows, so does its earnings. The school or group simply promotes shopping with Rebates with Friends and they raise funds for their cause all year long, year after year.

This can be easily done by:

â–º Adding the school's Invitation Link on the school's website, letting people know that shopping with the Rebates with Friends FundShopping website raises funds for the school.

â–º Advertising with the school's social media pages using the school's Invitation Link.

â–º Sending an email to parents with the school's Invitation link explaining how their online purchases can benefit the school.

Sharing your Invitation Link with emails, texts or online is easiest, but don't rule out posters, flyers, newsletters or other ways of advertising. Come up with creative ways of sharing your Invitation Link or getting people to visit your school's website where your Invitation Link is posted.