Cash Back

What is cash back?

Cash back is a monetary rebate on online purchases paid back to you by Rebates with Friends when you do your online shopping through Rebates with Friends.


How do I earn cash back?

By joining Rebates with Friends and shopping in our affiliate stores from a Rebates with Friends affiliate store link.


How do I make sure that I am earning cash back?

Always begin your shopping sessions by logging in to your Rebates with Friends account and choose the affiliate store from there when you make your purchases. That is the only way the purchases you make at the Rebates with Friends affiliate stores can be credited to you and in turn earn cash back on that purchase. Remember to always log in to your Rebates with Friends account and choose your store from there before making a purchase. If you click through your Rebates with Friends account and make a purchase, then navigate elsewhere on the Web and return to that store and make a second purchase, your second purchase will not earn a cash back reward. (The online store will not credit the purchase to you unless you click through a Rebates with Friends link every time you shop at a store site.) If you use multiple windows on your browser, the window in which you shop at the store must have come from a Rebates with Friends link.


Do all purchases qualify for cash back?

The cost of the item you purchase through Rebates with Friends qualifies for cash back. Cash back is not paid for taxes, cost of shipping, or any portion of a purchase that is paid for with gift certificates or a store credit.


Where can I check my cash back earnings?

Check your cash back earnings at My Account.


Why is my cash back pending?

Pending means that Rebates with Friends is waiting for affiliate stores to validate your purchase and pay the cash back.


What can keep me from earning cash back?

Some security software or other protection software, can block the tracking cookies Rebates with Friends uses to earn cash back for your order.  If you are using this type of software you will need to ensure that it is set up to allow cookies from Rebates with Friends and our affiliate stores.

Similarly, if using a firewall you need to keep the "Ad Blocking" turned off.  

Some toolbars can redirect the credit to another affiliate. If you have any toolbars installed you may need to check and see if they are linked to any other shopping rewards or coupon sites.

The use of a browser that does not allow the creation of cookies can also keep you from earning. Rebates with Friends recommends the use of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. Due to the number of third party browsers available we cannot assure that any others will work properly with Rebates with Friends.

Using a browser’s "Private Browsing" feature at any point in the shopping process can render your purchase ineligible for cash back.

There are also spyware or adware programs which can cause your online shopping to be reported as having come from another company instead of Rebates with Friends even though you clicked through the Rebates with Friends website. There are many free detection, removal and protection programs you can download online to protect you from and check for spyware or adware.