FundShopping LogoFUNDShopping is the fundraising program of Rebates with Friends.  This is just a few of the hundreds of Rebates with Friend's participating stores.  SEE THEM ALL!

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Your school signs up for a free Rebates with Friends FundShopping membership and is given an Invitation Link to sign up teachers, parents and friends. Everyone who signs up becomes part of your school's FundShopping Cash Back Party and every time they shop at one of the hundreds of stores at Rebates with Friends, they receive Cash Back and your school earns a Commission on their purchases.  Your supporters and your school get paid when they shop.



â–º NO COST to the school or their teachers and parents.

â–º NO SELLING. Everyone involved simply shops online making everyday purchases at their favorite stores.

â–º NO INVENTORY.  No products to purchase so no inventory to worry about.

â–º NO MONEY TO COLLECT. Stores pay Rebates with Friends and Rebates with Friends pays you.

â–º NO VOLUNTEERS TO ORGANIZE. Almost everything is done online, like promotion, invitations and shopping.

â–º NO RISK. Rebates with Friends is free to join and use.



If you are looking for a new fundraiser that is different than traditional fundraising methods or something that is a good supplement to your current fundraising efforts, then we invite you to fundraising while shopping.  There is no risk, just benefits for both your supporters and your school.



Step 1

Sign up for your FREE membership by completing the below form. The Shopper ID you choose on the next screen will be part of your Invitation Link so it should be short, distinctive and representative of your school. You will need to verify your email by clicking the link that will be emailed to you. You then can log in to your account and go to the MY ACCOUNT page to get your Invitation Links.

Step 2

Go to the Rebates with Friends Contact Page, send us your Shopper ID and let us know that you want your school set up as a Fundraiser Account. We will then personalize your Signup page so that your supporters will know they are benefitting your school when they shop.  If you have a logo you would prefer we use, please send that to us.

Step 3

Then, simply spread the word. If you have any questions, just go to the Rebates with Friends Contact Page and let us know how we can help make your fundraiser a greater success.

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