The Cash Back Party

What is a Rebates with Friends Party?

Party is the term used at Rebates with Friends which includes you and your network of friends. Your party actually includes everyone in the Rebates with Friends network that you can earn a commission on from their purchases.


How is a party set up?

When you join you are level 0. The friends you invite are in Level 1 which has 4 spaces and below these 4 spaces is level 2 with 16 spaces (4 positions under each level 1 space), and so on up to 9 levels.


How are new levels created in my party?

As friends are invited and new members join they are automatically placed in the next available space under the member who invited them. Every time a level is completed, another one is created with 4 positions under each space.


Can I invite more than 4 friends to my party?

Yes. If level 1 under you is filled with 4 friends, the next friends to join will be added to the next available space in level 2 until that level is filled and then level 3 and so on. You, then, are helping your friends grow their party while you are growing your party.


Can my friends help my party to grow?

Yes. Every friend they invite to their party is in your party also. Your party can actually grow in 3 ways:

1- By inviting new members. Every new member who signs up through your invitation is given the next available space in your party.

2- By any member of your party who invites new members up to 9 levels.

3- By inheriting members. The Rebates with Friends system allocates a new member that has signed up with no specified invitation. When the closest available space in the Rebates with Friends network is in your party, you gain another member.


When do I start my Party?

As soon as you join Rebates with Friends, you can start inviting friends to your own party.


How big can my party get?

Your party can grow to 9 levels of friends. If every space in your party were filled it would include 349,525 members and every purchase they make earns you a commission.


Can I still join Rebates with Friends and be rewarded if I don’t want to invite friends?

Yes. You will always earn cash back on your purchases through Rebates with Friends without inviting friends to your party. It is possible, however, that new members may be assigned to your party if they sign up at the Rebates with Friends website without an invitation from a member. You will still earn a commission from their purchases.


Can I lose my party?

Yes you can.   If you become UNQUALIFIED because of inactivity you can lose your party and your place in the network. Stay QUALIFIED by being active and you will never lose your party.


Can I have more than 1 party?

No, each participant can have only one party. There is actually no purpose for having more than one party. Your one party can grow to 349,525 friends.