Signing Up

What is Rebates with Friends?

Rebates with Friends is a FREE online shopping platform that pays you cash back when shopping at our affiliate stores and also pays you cash back on purchases of members who have joined your party and shop at Rebates with Friends affiliate stores.


How do I sign up for Rebates with Friends?

Just go to SIGNUP and sign up. It’s 100% FREE. When you confirm your e-mail address by clicking the link we will send you, you can log in to Rebates with Friends and start earning.


Is there a cost for membership in Rebates with Friends after signing up?

No. Rebates with Friends is 100% FREE to join and to use.


Why is it advantageous to join Rebates with Friends rather than other cash back programs?

Shopping through Rebates with Friends has a much greater potential for profit because you are not only earning cash back on your purchases but on the purchases of your friends also. The way Rebates with Friends is set up, you can actually earn a percentage of the cash back paid to 349,524 other shoppers. Those other shoppers, of course, must be Rebates with Friends members, but the potential is there for significant profit.


Can I earn cash even when I am not shopping?

Yes. That’s another advantage of Rebates with Friends. If you are an Active member and invite friends to your party, you are rewarded every time they shop.


Can I use Rebates with Friends if I live outside the U.S.?

Rebates with Friends is for shoppers with a valid address in the U.S.   All cash back payments are made in US Dollars and checks are only sent to U.S addresses.


What if Rebates with Friends doesn't offer the store I want?

If you would like to recommend a store, simply contact us and let us know your preferences. We will do everything possible to add the stores you want.


What if I want to return or cancel an order?

Returns are subject to the return policy of each store. If you return or cancel an item, the store will reverse any cash back earned from that sale. Exchanges also usually reverse cash back rewards.