Cashback Earnings Estimator

As Your Party Grows, So Do Your Earnings

You always earn cashback on all of your purchases.  How about earning cashback on your friends' purchases?  You can do that too!  Simply invite a friend using your invitation link (located on your account page) and your cashback party begins.  You earn commission on the cashback from your friends, their friends, and their friends' friends... and so forth.

To calculate your estimated earnings, complete the fields below:


This earnings estimator provides an estimate based on averages entered into the form above.  It is based on 10 levels of friends on a 4x10 matrix.  Level 1 is you, level 2 has 4 friends, level 3 has 16 friends, and so on until level 10 with 262,144 friends.  Your Cashback Party grows as you and your friends invite friends and it can grow up to 349,525 friends, when all 10 levels are filled. This calculation is based on an average of 3% cashback on purchases and other averages supplied by you.  This estimate is not guaranteed and is for estimation purposes only.