School Fundraising Program

What is FundShopping?

FundShopping is the fundraising program of Rebates with Friends.

How does FundShopping work?

When a school signs up for a free Rebates with Friends FundShopping membership they are given an Invitation Link to sign up teachers, parents and friends. Everyone who signs up becomes part of the school's FundShopping Cash Back Party and every time they shop through Rebates with Friends, they earn Cash Back and the school earns a Commission on their purchases. They all will receive an Invitation Link also, and everyone they invite will become part of your school's Cash Back Party and therefore their purchases will also earn a Commission for the school. Everyone, then, in the school’s Cash Back Party who invites someone to join Rebates with Friends becomes part of their Cash Back Party and every time they shop the school earns a Commission.

How do you organize a FundShopping Fundraiser?

The school signs up for their free Rebates with Friends FundShopping membership which they can use for making purchases of school supplies online and earn cash back on each purchase. The school then, using their Invitation Link, invites teachers, parents and friends to shop using the Rebates with Friends FundShopping site and earns a commission from each of their purchases. There are a couple of ways you can organize your fundraiser with FundShopping:

One Big Party - This plan is to simply invite shoppers to shop online to benefit your school. You can, with this plan, create competition between individuals to invite shoppers.

Multiple Parties - Use this plan to create teams that would compete against each other to invite shoppers.

What are the advantages of using FundShopping as your fundraiser?

â–º No cost to the school or their teachers and parents.
â–º Every purchase earns cash back for the purchaser and the school which motivates members to shop online through Rebates with Friends to raise money for your school.
â–º No one is forced to buy a particular item to raise funds for your school. Everyone shops online for what they want or need like they normally would and they are helping your school.
â–º Nothing to sell. Everyone involved simply shops online making everyday purchases at their favorite stores.
â–º No products to purchase so no inventory to worry about.
â–º No money to collect. Stores pay Rebates with Friends and Rebates with Friends pays you.
â–º Easily organized so preliminary work by organizers is minimal.
â–º Almost everything is done online, like promotion, invitations and shopping making it very efficient and expedient.
â–º No risk. Rebates with Friends is free to join and use.
â–º Funds are raised all year long, year after year providing a continual residual income for the school.
â–º Your FundShopping account provides party, class and individual statistics for giving of awards requiring minimal record keeping for the school.
â–º Your school is added as an option for members to donate their Cash Back to the school, providing additional funds for the school.

I signed up for FundShopping, so why is my Invitation Link for Rebates with Friends?

Fundshopping uses the Rebates with Friends website. When you sign up for FundShopping you are getting a free Rebates with Friends membership and the Cash Back and Commissions are payed through Rebates with Friends. Fundraising groups will get an Invitation Link that takes them to FundShopping. Individual’s Invitation Links will take them to Rebates with Friends. The school still, however, gets commission on the individual invites also.