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For over 40 years we have grown and marketed quality citrus fruit and citrus trees. In that time we have not only grown our involvement across many industry aspects, but cultivated a deep love and respect for all those who produce and grow citrus. Our many years of experience have made us far more than just citrus tree gurus. Our history is literally rooted in the soil. Our expertise has taken decades to refine. Now you can benefit from that dedication as we provide our expertise directly to you, our customer. Let our history be the foundation for your citrus growing success.

Part of our success as a commercial citrus nursery comes from knowing all the aspects that combine to make a great tree. We pride ourselves on supplying high quality citrus trees grafted with proper rootstocks to ensure that your tree will be healthy and produce delicious fruit. But beyond simply supplying outstanding trees, we share and adapt commercial citrus growing practices to help you, the dooryard citrus grower, achieve success in your own backyard. We give every single one of our customers the knowledge to guarantee success in growing healthy citrus trees and delicious fruit.

We will help you select the correct tree for your specific growing zone. Whether you are looking for a Meyer lemon tree, a dwarf persian lime tree, an Owari kumquat tree, or a Valencia orange tree, will help you select the best tree for your gardening goals and a citrus tree that will flourish in your specific area.