Foodstirs, Inc

Foodstirs, Inc

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Foodstirs is the first and only nationally available brand to receive the Glyphosate Residue Free certification which verifies that our products do not contain the World’s most used herbicide. That’s important, because glyphosate, the chemical in Roundup weed killer, has been linked to a number of dangers. And as the spraying of glyphosate increases in our food supply, it’s important to have a certification that assures us we are eating food without it. 

Ingredients are everything. That’s why we stop at nothing to find the very best, genuine in character, conscious in origin and positive in impact.

All our ingredients are authentic, organic and never genetically modified, so our flavors are full and vibrant, not skewed or superficial.

We choose progressive planting methods that keep the soil healthy and actively enrich the land.

We source from small farms that protect and advance the wellbeing of fieldworkers, because goodness should be global.